Ancestors of James Allen MCKISSICK

Eighth Generation

128. Thomas Jefferson MCKISSACK was born 1773 in Granville Or Bute Co NC and agreed on marriage contract about 1798 in Georgia. He died 9 May 1836 in Russell Co Al. Thomas Jefferson MCKISSACK married Mary BROWNING. [Parents]

Thomas McKissack bought land in Jones County, GA, in 1812.  The lands he bought later became part of a famous plantation, the Jarrell Plantation, which is today a state park and museum near Macon, GA.  Tax records indicate that Thomas McKissack bought a portion of the Jarrell Plantation in 1813.

Thomas and Mary were massacred by Indians in the 1836 Creek Indian War in Alabama as they were fleeing toward safety in Columbus, Ga from their plantation in Russell Co Alabama.  Thomas had lived in Ga, then went to Henry Co Al and had land there.  When the Indian land opened up in upper Alabama, he got land there and moved up to Russell Co Al.  He had a big plantation there.  When the Creek Indians began their revolt, he along with other people started fleeing up the Old Federal Road toward Columbus Ga and safety.  But they didnt make it and were killed along with their overseer as they were in the first wagon.  It was said their bodies were taken to Ft Mitchell, Al and buried but we have found no record of that.  David McKissack went to ft Mitchell but had no luck.

Thomas and Mary's children:
William McKissack was born 15 Jan 1799 in Putnam Co Ga and died 19 Aug 1847 in Meriwether Co Ga.  He married Mary Burrow. ( i have already given you his page)

Robert B McKissack was born 1801 in Putnam Co Ga and died 1850/1860 in Marshall Co Ms.  He married Mary B Coppage.  Her parents were Charles and Martha Coppage.  Their children were: Missouri T McKissack who married John A McCombs, Jane McKissack, Lucy A McKissack, Thomas McKissack, Tyberias McKissack, John R McKissack.

Jeremiah McKissack was born 1803 in Putnam Co Ga and died 1857 on his plantation near East Tallassee, Tallapoosa Co Al.  He married Anne Stephens.  Their children were:Mary Ann E who married Eli Warthan, Martha Caroline "Carrie" who married Edward James, Dr James Wesley who married Cornelia Harriet Andrews, Jesse Arnold who never married, Robert Green who married Nancy Jane Freeman (my great grandparents), Jeremiah who married Sarah M Averrett, Asberry Filetus  who married Mrs Josephine Mann Gregory, Sophronia Lavinia Antoinette Jane who married her first cousin, Joseph Tarpley Hodges (son of her aunt, Nancy McKissack Hodges), Andrew Martin Van Buren who never married and perished in the civil war, George Artemus  who married Sarah Ealon Gregory.

Archibald L McKissack was born 14 Jan 1806 in Putnam Co Ga and died 4 aug 1864 in Carroll Co Ga.  He was murdered by Union Soldiers when they came to his house during the civil war.  He married Martha Lucinda Burrow (sister to Mary Burrow)  Her parents were Phillip Burrow and Leah Jones.  Their children: John J who married Samantha E Johnson, Mary Sophronia who married first Phillip J Burrow her first cousin and second Mr Plott, William M who married Rebecca Emeline Leake, Sarah Ann Lavonia who married William James Leake, James P who married Sarah Elizabeth Entrekin.

Nancy McKissack was born 1808 in Putnam Co Ga and died after 1880 in Tallapoosa Co Al.  She married Howell Hodges.  Nancy and Howell's child: Joseph Tarpley Hodges
Joseph T McKissack was born 1809 in Putnam Co Ga and died after 1860 in Tunica Co Ms.  As far as we know he never married.

Thomas B McKissack was born 1811 in PUtnam Co Ga and died 1878/1879 in Lee Co Al.  He married first Rebecca Leander Jones Stoker and second Kasiah. Thomas and Rebecca's children: Parthenia Antoinette married Wade Hampton Jones Jr, Thomas Franklin married 1. Sarah A Booth 2. Ella Virginia Walderman, Rebecca Leander married Henry Epperson.  Thomas and Kisiah's children: M McKissack (female), P McKissack (female), Robert married Addie, Sallie, Joseph married Minnie.

James McKissack was born 1826 in Putnam Co Ga and died unknown.

Rebecca McKissack was born 1818 in PUtnam Co Ga and died 1862/1866 in Russell Co Al.  She married first Hastings Madden and second William Parnell Bassett.  Rebecca and Hastings children: John D, Frances Catherine "Kit".  Rebecca and William's children: Mary Berella married Gilbert H Vinson, Robert William married Annie, Sallie Lavenia married William M Vise, James.

John W McKissack was born 1819/1820 in Putnam Co Ga and died 1880/1900 in Mississippi.  He married Elizabeth "Betty" Harris 16 Sep 1849 in Tallapoosa Co Al.  John and Elizabeth's children: John Wesley Jr married Elizabeth Dill, George W married Mrs Elizabeth Thompson, Rachel married J Matt Goolsby, Nancy Ann married James L Thompson, Sarah E married Henry Tilden Wren, James H married Emily Jane Crouch. William H married Sallie Priddy.

129. Mary BROWNING was born 1784 in Georgia Or Caswell County, North Carolina. She died 9 May 1836 in Russell Co Al. [Parents]


130. Phillip BURROW married Leah JONES.

131. Leah JONES.


168. Warren BAGWELL was born about 1750 in North Carolina.


176. Purnell TRUETT was born 1768 in Worcester Co., Maryland and agreed on marriage contract about 1790 in Worcester Co., Maryland. He died after 1850 in Georgia or Alabama. Purnell TRUETT married Mary. [Parents]

177. Mary was born 1770 in Maryland and agreed on marriage contract about 1790 in Worcester Co., Maryland. She died after 1850 in Talladega Co., Alabama.


184. HARTNESS was born <1775>.


186. GILL was born <1793> in South Carolina.


224. William , Jr. GULLEY was born 10 Feb 1735/1736 in Newbern District, Johnston County, North Carolina. He died Dec 1821 in Wilmington Dist., Duplin County, North Carolina. William , Jr. GULLEY married Bethanea HINNANT on 1762 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. [Parents]

Military Branch: Rev. Army
War Veteran: Revolutionary War




1.   Sarah Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  10 NOV 1763  , , North Carolina
Death:  1819   


2.   Jesse Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  15 OCT 1767  , , North Carolina
Death:  29 MAR 1841   


3.   Elizabeth Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  05 NOV 1769  , , North Carolina
Death:  After 1799   


4.   Bethana Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  13 DEC 1771  , , North Carolina
Death:  After 1772   


5.   William Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  15 JUN 1777  , , North Carolina
Death:  MAY 1802   


6.   Edith Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  29 JUL 1780  , , North Carolina
Death:  About 1843  , Monroe, Alabama


7.   Mary Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  26 JAN 1783  , , North Carolina
Death:  After 1815   


8.   Nancy Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  14 OCT 1786  , , North Carolina
Death:  1811   


9.   Martha Gulley Pedigree
   Birth:  15 MAR 1791  , , North Carolina
Death:  After 1792   

225. Bethanea HINNANT "Bethana, Bethany" was born about 1745 in Johnston County, North Carolina. She died Dec 1819 in Duplin County, North Carolina. [Parents]


226. James BIZZELL was born 1760 in Nansemond Co. Va. He died 1822. James BIZZELL married Mary BOWDEN on 1780/1783. [Parents]

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: William Bizzell
  Born: 1783             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Elizabeth Bizzell
  Born: 1785             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Elijah B. Bizzell
  Born: 12 JUN 1787      at: Duplin Co. NC  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Catherine Bizzell
  Born: 1788             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Sarah Bizzell
  Born: 1789             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: James Bizzell
  Born: 1791             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Nancy W. Bizzell
  Born: 14 JUL 1791      at: Duplin Co. NC  
Married: 13 FEB 1809      at: Duplin Co. NC  
   Died: 26 JUN 1870      at: Ouchita Co. Ark  
Spouses: John Gulley  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Samuel Bizzell
  Born: 1797             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Alesey Bizzell
  Born: 1798             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Name: Molsey Bizzell
  Born: 1798             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: UNKNOWN          at:   

227. Mary BOWDEN was born 1765.


228. Nicholas Thomas PURIFOY was born 1716. He died 1802 in Cravens, NC, USA. Nicholas Thomas PURIFOY married Mary GATLINS on 1786 in Cravens Co. NC. [Parents]

229. Mary GATLINS was born 1745. She died 1807 in Cravens, NC, USA. [Parents]


230. William WILLIAMS married Evelin MULLINS on 1791 in Cravens Co. NC.

231. Evelin MULLINS.


232. William MURPHY was born 1730 in Spotsylvania County, Va and agreed on marriage contract Jul 1767 in Probably Henry Co, Va. He died 19 Nov 1799 in Warren Co., Kentucky. William MURPHY married Sarah BARTON. [Parents]

233. Sarah BARTON was born 18 May 1748 in Fredricktown, Fredrick Co, MD. She died Mar 1917 in Farmingham, St. Francis, MO. [Parents]


234. George WEST was born about 1752 in Lawrence Co., AR. He married Susannah.

235. Susannah was born about 1756 in Lawrence Co., AR.


236. Benjamin CLARDY II was born 1742 in Virginia. He died 1832 in Franklin County, Tennessee. Benjamin CLARDY II married Agnes BOOTH on 25 Jun 1771. [Parents]

From Clardy Family Folder, Pendleton, SC: "Clardy Family Questions" from Furman E. Rogers of Route 1, Box 820, Pelzer, SC 29669, the son of Ruth Clardy Rogers and a great grandson of Benjamin Clardy and Agnes Booth Clardy, and William A. Rogers and Elizabeth Duckworth Rogers [no date]--

"He would like to know why Benjamin Clardy and his wife, Agnes Booth Clardy and many of their relations left Virginia between 1790 and 1810 and settled in a 10 mile square area, called Pendleton District, South Carolina?

"His mother's story (The Clardy History-written in 1941) tells of some that came in 1790 and others that came later. 'Benjamin Clardy and his wife, Agnes Booth Clardy, his 3 son-in-laws [sic]: John Clardy (husband of Mary Clardy); David Spearman, husband of Nancy Clardy; and Jimmy Fleming (husband of Sally Clardy); moved from Halifax County, Virginia to South Carolina to make their home. Stephen Booth (Agnes Booth Clardy;'s brother) also came. Others mentioned in the story were Joab Clardy, Ellsworth Clardy, Henry Spencer, Polly Gambrell, Slatons, and others.

"William A. Rogers and his wife Elizabeth Duckworth Rogers moved to the Pendleton District in 1790. Who were their parents?"


From Clardy Family Website:
Accessed 3 April 1998; site now defunct
Abstracts by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, J. Acorn Court, Greenville, SC 29609

Deed Book B. - Pendelton Co., SC:
pgs 178-180 8 May 1793 Bond: Benjamin Clardy, Planter and Agnes Clardy, his wife, of SC to Thomas Wadsworth & William Turpin, Merchants of SC, for Penal sum of L101, s12, p11 Condition for payment of L50, s16, p5 1/2 & for better securing of payment convey 217 acres on N.E. of Saluda River, bounded S.E. by Capt. Rosmond & N. by Robt Maxwell. Said tract was granted 4 Jan 1787 to Wadsworth & Turpin & conveyed 5 May 1789 to Benjamin CLARDY.

Should payment be made in full with interest, then this bond to become void.
S/ Benjamin Clardy, Agness Clardy. Wit. James Young, Nancy (X) Clardy.
Sworn by oath of James Young 5 Aug 1793 before John Hunter.Recorded 25 Sep 1793.

pg 180 8 May 1793 Bond: Benjamin Clardy to Thomas Wadsworth & William Turpin, otherwise called Wadsworth and Turpin, Merchants, whereas: Benjamin CLARDY by his obligation in the penal sum of L101, S12, P11, with condition of payment of L50, S16 P5 1/2 with interest, sell in open market: 1 sorel horse, 1 brindle cow & yearling; 1 other brindle cow & yearling; 2 sows; 11 pigs; 2 feather beds & furniture; 2 chest; 6 chairs; 13 pewter plates; 3 pewter dishes; 1 pot; 1 Dutch oven; 2 weeding hoew; 3 axes; 2 plough hoes....should payment be made by Jan next...This Bill of Sale be made void.
S/ Benjamin Clardy, Wit. James Young. Sworn by oath of James Young 5 Aug 1793 before John Hunter. Recorded 25 Sep 1793.

pgs 269-270 16 Nov 1793: Benjamin CLARDY to Thomas Wadsworth & William Turpin, Merchants of SC for L20, sold 247 acres, granted 13 Dec 1791 to said Clardy, on branches of Salula river, bounded S.W. by Benj. Clardy: S.E. & S.W. by Henry Green, A. Eley & Mathias Richardson, N.W. by Captain

Signed: Benjamin Clardy. Wit: Jas. Young, James Boyce.
Sworn by oath of James Boyce before Thos. Wadsworth, J.L.C. Recorded 7 Jun 1794.
Submitted by: Dayna Cohen McMullen

More About Benjamin Clardy II:
Census: 1790, Ninety-Six District, Pendleton District, SC, p. 81

237. Agnes BOOTH was born 17 Nov 1755 in Amelia County, Virginia. She died 23 Jan 1847 in Franklin County, Tennessee. [Parents]

From Bobbye Nan McGuire's genealogy website,

Agnes BOOTH was born on 17 Nov 1755 in Amelia County, VA.(69) She died on 17 Jan 1847 in Franklin Co., TN.

Obituary of Agness Clardy from the Nashville Christian Advocate, Jan 23, 1847
Agness Clardy departed this life January 17th, 1847, at the house of William Farris, where she was kindly treated until death. She was the daughter of John and Mary Booth. She was raised in Virginia, Amelia County; born November 17th, 1755; married Benjamin Clardy, June 25, 1771.

In the Summer of 1776 she joined the Mehodist Church, at what was then called "the Five Forks". She gave a home to one of the first Methodist Preachers who traveled and preached in that section; his name was Shadford.

After which time she, with her husband, moved to Bedford county, VA; then to Lawrence district, SC; then to Pendleton District, now called Anderson, and in the year 1816, moved to Franklin county, TN, where her husband died in faith, 1822-1832.

Those who read this may see that she was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church better than 70 years; and I can say, truly a very acceptable one. I could write much in her praise but I forbear. The day after her death, at the interment bro. Joseph Smith, whom she chose before her death to preach her funeral, attended and delivered a very feeling and appropiate address. Her remains were surrounded by some of her children, grand-children and great grand children and other friends, and though the weather was very inclement they stood patiently and deeply affected during the address. - The feelings of my own soul were deep and my tears were moved when I looked upon her cold remains and remember her address in the last love-feast which she ever attended where she arose and, leaning upon her staff, observed, "Nearly seventy years I have been a dear lover and close attendant of class meetings and love-feasts, and expecting this to be the last I shall ever attend, I want to say that I am still bound to serve God till death; I want you all to pray God to assist me and meet me yourselves in heaven." This short address had a good influence on our love-feast, many felt it good to them. May God Almighty sanctify this short account of her life and death to the good of the living.

N.E. Editors are requested to copy the above, as her children and connections are numerous and scattered much. Franklin Co., Tenn., Jan 23, 1847.


238. Tom KEESEE was born 1778 in Virginia. He died 1 Dec 1861 in Arkansas. Tom KEESEE married Mary MCKNIGHT. [Parents]

Thomas Keesee (George Faris3, Richard2, George1) was born 1778 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died 01 December 1861 in Ashley County, Arkansas. He married (1) Mary McKnight?1 ca. 1796 in Virginia. She was born Bet. 1770 - 17802, and died Bef. 1840. He married (2) Malinda Bond 10 May 1840 in Saline County, Arkansas3. She was born ca. 1820 in Arkansas4, and died Unknown.

Notes for Thomas Keesee:
According to the biography of Thomas' grandson T. J. Keesee in "The History of Ellis County, Texas," Thomas, Sr., was a soldier in the War of 1812 and participated in the Battle of New Orleans.

1778: Pittsylvania Co., VA (TK's birth)
1797: Spartanburg Co., SC (son George P.'s birth)
1799: SC in 1799 (son Milton's birth)
1799: Spartanburg Co., SC (TK grantee on deed)
1800: Spartanburg Co., SC (Thomas Kizzee on census)
1801: Spartanburg Co., SC (daughter Agnes's birth)
1803: Spartanburg Co., SC (TK grantor on deed)
1804: Sumner Co., TN ?(on TK Jr.'s birth)
1807: Sumner Co., TN? (daughter Mary's birth)
1809: Sumner Co., TN (son William T.'s birth)
1811-1815?: Sumner Co., TN? (daughter Jane's birth)
1811: Bedford Co., TN [Thomas Kissee, 300 acre, TN general land grant #3154]
1812: Franklin Co., TN (TK tax list)
[War of 1812: TK Sr. reputedly served under Jackson in this war & participated in the Battle of New Orleans]
1814: Franklin Co., TN (TK grantor on deed)
1816: Franklin Co., TN (son Gideon's birth)
1817: Franklin Co., TN (TK grantor on deed)
1818: Franklin Co., TN (TK mentioned in R.S.Clardy deed)
1821: Franklin Co., TN [Thomas Keeze/Keezee, 4 land grants, total 140 acres]
1821: Tuscaloosa Co., AL (TK grantor on Franklin Co. deed)
1824: Tuscaloosa Co., AL [TK appt. overseer of the poor, Beat 2, 17th Regt.]
1825: Tuscaloosa Co., AL (TK land entries)
1829: Tuscaloosa Co., AL [TK Sr. appt. overseer of the poor, Beat 2, 17th Regt.]
1830: Tuscaloosa Co., AL (TK on census)
1831: Tuscaloosa Co., AL [TK appt. overseer of the poor, Beat 2, 17th Regt.]
1835: Tuscaloosa Co., AL (TK land entries)
1837: Tuscaloosa Co., AL (TK on tax list)
1837: Saline Co., AR (TK as grantee on deed & land entry)
1838: Saline Co., AR (TK land entry)
1840: Saline Co., AR (TK on census, deed, & marriage record)
1840: Saline Co., AR [TK, Sr., Delinquent tax list, "overage," poll tax $1]
1841: Saline Co., AR (daughter Virginia's birth & TK as grantee on deed)
1842: Saline Co., AR (on Benton's birth)
1843: Saline Co., AR (TK in county court record)
1848: Union Co. AR (TK as grantor on deed)
1850: Union Co., AR (TK on census); owned 40 slaves; Harrison Township
1855: Union Co., AR (duaghter Virginia's marriage)
1858: Ashley Co., AR (TK's will written)
1860: Ashley Co., AR (TK on census)
1861: Ashley Co., AR (TK's will proved)


[Bobbye M. Brannon, 101 Rainbow Drive #348, Livingston, Texas 77351-9330]
To: "Carolyn E. Billingsley"
Subject: Clardy/Keesee /Murphy stuff
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 97 13:01:23 PDT

Dear Carolyn,
I've got the proof for the Keesees & Clardys together in Franklin County, TN. On 17 July 1818, R.S. Clardy (Richard Smith Clardy, so named in another deed) bought 42 acres from Daniel Murphy. (Recorded in the May Term 1819) The description said "3 entries adjacent to Thos. Keesee". [Franklin County Deed Bk F, pg 103.] Also, on 14 July 1818 Richard Smith Clardy bought land from Soloman Murphy 50 a on the west side of Rock Creek of the Elk River. SW corner of Thos. Keesee' 300 acre tract. [Franklin County, Deed Bk F pg 89] On 21 Apr 1814, (recorded 16 Nov 1816), Thomas Keesee sold 20A to George Haygood for $15.00 on the east side of Rock Creek - Elk River. witnesses by Benj. Majors & Wm. Larater.[Franklin County, Deed Bk J pg 86] (note. R.S. Clardy was married to Theodosia Majors) Also on 11 Nov 1817 (rec. Aug term 1818) Thomas Keesee sold 50a on the west side of Rock Creek - Elk River to Solomon Murphree. (?same land that RS Clardy bought from Soloman Murphy in 1818?) [Franklin County Deed bk J, pg 428] ?Where & when did Thomas Keesee get the 300 acre tract? I did not copy the deeds, just looked at them & made notes, forgetting to note the witnesses. I was delighted to find Thomas Keesee (I assume it is ours) in Franklin County, TN, especially next door to some of the Clardys. The family, in a desposition of the estate of Rena Clardy, daughter of my Benj. & his 2nd wife, Ann House, says: "Benjamine Clardy left home as a young man and got work on the farm of Colonel Tom Keesee, a large slave owner of Pickens County, Alabama. He later married Colonel Keesee's daughter, Agnes, and settled in Arkansas. They raised several children - 5 of whom lived to rear families of their own. After Agnes' death, Benjamine married the Widow House who became the mother of Richard and Rena Clardy. Richard raised 3 sons & 1 daughter. Rena, who never married, was quite a successful businss woman & at her death about 1946 her fortune was distributed to her father's descendants. Richard, who was still living, received a full child's part, and the remainder was destributed according to position in the following families."
I have a copy of the list of recipients. I have always wondered how Agnes Keesee & Ben Clardy got together. But it makes sense to me that he knew the family & probably Agnes while Thomas Keesee was in Franklin County. And, possibly, when Thom moved to Alabama, he just went, too. Then, too, I think there may have been friction in the Ben Clardy family as several of the sons moved to Bedford County, TN, soon aafter the death of their father in 1823. Of course, we haven't found proof of any of the children of Ben & Agnes Booth Clardy except for a couple of daughters & my Ben. However, I believe that Richard Smith Clardy, James (who married Frances Richardson), and possibly a Joseph who were all in Franklin County earlier were theirs as well as Martha who married Wm. Farris & a Sally who married her cousin John Clardy & lived in SC. But, to the best of my knowledge, no family group has been proven for Benjamin & Agnes Booth Clardy.


Rhonda Coleman Ellison, Bibb County, Alabama: The First Hundred Years, 1818-1918 (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1984).
P. 3:
"Throughout the years, the exact position of the line between this county [Bibb] and Tuscaloosa has often been debated. An act approved by the state legislature on January 15, 1828, ordered the boundary to be established so as to leave Captain James Hill in Tuscaloosa County, but three years later, a new law reversed this decision: 'Edward Calvert, Grief Ragsdale, Benjamin Hubbert, John A. Bagby, Robert Hill, Hamilton Kile, and James Hill, at their present residences, or as many of them as can be so included, without taking any others, shall, by this act, be taken from the county of Tuscaloosa and be added to the county of Bibb.'"

Pp. 20-21:
[Discussion of settlements in early Bibb County, references in the first county court minutes in May 1818.] Allusions are made, however, to two settlements: the Mulberry Settlement on Mulberry Creek, now in Chilton County; and Hill's Settlement, which grew up at the headwaters of Hill's and Schultz creeks near the Tuscaloosa line, not far from Johntown today. In 1825, John (Jake) Hill received a patent to an entire section (around 640 acres). Farmlands of this large settlement were cleared not only by the Hill family but also by others, including John Goodson, William Calvert, Jackson Caffee, Robert Woods, and Thomas and Milton Keesee.[ In the Hill-Oldham Cemetery, the oldest marked grave is that of William Green Hill, the two-year-old son of James and Jane Calvert Hill, who died in 1823. The early importance of Hill's Settlement is documented by the establishment of the Mars post office in 1823; James Hill was the first postmaster."


"Union County Probate Records (1845-1855), Officers Bonds and Wills, Book A," Tracks and Traces, Vol. 9, No. 2 (November 1987): 67
Thos. Keesee and John Hills were securities for S. D. Drennan's Sheriff's Bond in the amount of $20,000, 27 October 1850 (Will Book A, p. 198).
This could be the older Thomas Keesee and John Hill or it could be their sons with the same names.


Heritage Quest Digital Microfilm M653/37/152
Ashley County, Arkansas, p. 48; printed page #155
Extra Township, PO Hamburg, __ July 1860 [no date on surrounding pages either]
[Cannot read dwelling or household numbers, even with magnification]
[son Gideon is listed on p. 152]

Thomas KEESEE      85-M            Farmer      6,360/9,850      Virginia
Malinda KEESEE      41-F                              Arkansas
Benton KEESEE      17-M                              "

Thomas Keesee's daughter by his second wife is married and listed in same township, same post office, same date, printed page 157:

David H. THORNTON      29-M      Doctor** 600/3000      Georgia
Virginia THORNTON      19-F                        Arkansas
Mary L. THORNTON      3-F                        "
Sarah L. THORNTON      1-F                        "

** almost looks like "Rector"


Sumner County, Tennessee Probate Data: 1787-1808 by Gale W. Bamman, CG, and Debbie W. Spero (Nashville: The Basement Print Shop, 1984.)
Foreword: Although Sumner County was created in 1787 and its wills survive from 1788, the first surviving book of inventories, settlements and guardian accounts dates only from March 1808. To cover the period of missing records (April 1787-June 1808), we have extracted all probate references found in the county court minutes of April 1787-March 1805. No court minutes survive for June 1805-December 1808, except for a volume of daily pleas, which contains no probate data; therfore the source for that period has been the book of Executors, Administrators, and Guardian' Bonds, Letters, July 1796-August 1816. [They compared their work from the original with the WPA transcripts and found many errors and omissions.]

Page 42: January Term 1803, page 367: On petition of Rickmon, guardian for three of the heirs of William Storey, ordered that William Seawall, John Mills, George Keesee , and John Trousdale and William Lauderdale be appointed commissioners and Alexander Cathey surveyor to make division of real estate of said William Storey, dec'd so as to set apart and assign to the widow of said dec'd her dowry in real estate.
Page 61: Executors' and Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds (Jan 1805 - March 1808), p. 132: George Keesee and Mary Rickman appointed admrs. of Mark Rickman, dec'd. 16 September 1805. William Harper, and Nathan Rickman, securities.

Page 61: Executors' and Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds (Jan 1805 - March 1808), Nathan Rickman appointed guardian to Elizabeth S. Storey and Ann Rickman Storey, minor orphans, 16 September 1805; bond of $2,000.00 with George Keesee , security.
Page 64: Executors' and Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds (Jan 1805 - March 1808), page 174: Nathan Rickman appointed guardian to James Storey, minor; 9 June 1807; bond of $1,000.00, with George Keesee , security.
Page 64: Executors' and Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds (Jan 1805 - March 1808), page 180: Katy Haw appointed guardian to Polly Haw, Thomas Haw, and Jinny Haw; 18 September 1807; Bond of $1,000.00, with James Frazor and Thomas Keesee , securities.
Page 64: Executors' and Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds (Jan 1805 - March 1808), page 180: Kitty Haw appointed guardian to Samuel Haw, Nancy Haw, Uriah Haw, and James P. Kelly Haw, minors; 18 September 1807; bond of $2,000.00 with James Frazor and Thomas Keesee , securities.

More About Thomas Keesee:
Fact 1: 1807, Sumner County, Tennessee
Fact 2: 01 January 1812, Franklin County, Tennessee, tax list5
Fact 3: 1814, Franklin County, Tennessee6
Fact 4: 21 April 1814, Deed, Grantor, Franklin County, Tennessee7
Fact 5: 1817, Franklin County, Tennessee8
Fact 6: 11 November 1817, Deed, Grantor, Franklin County, Tennessee9
Fact 7: 1818, Franklin County, Tennessee; mentioned in deed as neighbor10
Fact 8: 31 July 1821, Deed, Grantor, Franklin County, Tennessee11
Fact 9: 31 July 1821, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama11
Fact 10: 1830, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, Census, p. 668
Fact 11: 1840, Saline County, Arkansas, Delinquent tax list, "overage"
Fact 12: 1850, Union County, Arkansas, D. 596, Harrison Township
Religion: Cumberland Presbyterian

Notes for Mary McKnight?:
There is no proof either of her first name or surname. Some say her name was Alice McKnight. That her surname was McKnight is suggested by the many descendants who used THE McKnight name for children.

More About Thomas Keesee and Mary McKnight?:
Marriage: ca. 1796, Virginia

More About Thomas Keesee and Malinda Bond:
Marriage: 10 May 1840, Saline County, Arkansas12
Children of Thomas Keesee and Mary McKnight? are:
+ 2 i.   George Polk5 Keesee, born 1797 in Spartanburgh County, South Carolina; died 01 August 1864 in Saline County, Arkansas.
+ 3 ii.   Col. Milton Keesee, born 31 August 1799 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina; died 10 March 1860 in Washington Couty, Texas.
+ 4 iii.   Agnes Keesee, born ca. 1801 in South Carolina; died Bef. 21 December 1859 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas.
+ 5 iv.   Thomas Keesee, Jr., born 05 February 1804 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 26 November 1879 in Residence, Ovilla, Ellis County, Texas.
+ 6 v.   Mary "Polly" Keesee, born 11 October 1807 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 16 December 1873 in Sterling, Robertson County, Texas.
+ 7 vi.   William Keesee, Sr., born 08 April 1809 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 28 September 1864 in Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas.
  8 vii.   Jane Keesee, born Bet. 1811 - 1815 in Sumner County?, Tennessee; died Unknown. She married Elias Jenkins13 22 December 1831 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama14; born 180214; died Unknown.
  Notes for Elias Jenkins:
There is a will for an Elias Jenkins in Warren County, Mississippi; Book B-163, 1886. In that same county are wills for William M. Jenkins (A-368, 1867). From Betty Couch Wiltshire, compiler, Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900 (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1989), 104.

ID: I2137
Name: Thomas KESSEE
Sex: M
Birth: 1778 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Death: 1861 in Ashley Co., AR

Father: George Faris KESSEE b: 1743 in VA
Mother: Agnes TERRY b: ABT 1751

Marriage 1 Agnes MCKNIGHT
Married: ABT 1796 in VA
George Polk KESSEE b: 1797 in Spartenburg Co., SC
Milton KEESEE b: 1799
Agnes KEESEE b: ABT 1801
Thomas KEESEE , Jr b: 1804
Polly KEESEE b: 1807
William Thomas KEESEE b: 1809
Jane KEESEE b: 1811
Gideon KEESEE b: ABT 1816

239. Mary MCKNIGHT.


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